Biography of Jennifer Cervantes
Vice President, Florida Sugar Cane League
Washington Representative, Texas Sugarcane Growers

Jennifer Cervantes is the Vice President of the Florida Sugar Cane League, and Washington representative of the Rio Grande Valley Sugar Growers of Texas. In this position she works to educate members of Congress and staff on the positive contributions and necessary role that sugar cane farmers and processors have in their communities as well as the larger agriculture community and with consumers of agriculture products. 

She also currently serves as a member of the Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee (ATAC) for Trade in Sweeteners and Sweetener Products.  The ATACs offer technical advice and information about specific agricultural commodities and products to the Secretary of Agriculture and the U.S. Trade Representative.

Jennifer received her B.B.A from St. Edward’s University in her hometown of Austin, Texas. In 2001, after moving to the Washington, DC area, she began working at the Department of Agriculture. After a few months she accepted a position in the Executive Office of the President, Presidential Personal Office working on filling federal positions appointed by the president of the United States and senior level appointments for a handful of Federal agencies and offices. After several years Jennifer returned to the Department of Agriculture where she focused on the management side of the agency, to include human capital, information technology, budget and general administration issues. She held positions within the Departmental Administration Office and finished her time at the department as a Deputy Chief of Staff for the Secretary of Agriculture.